To See In Budapest

Setting Sights in Budapest

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, a country not known by many in terms of location (people just tend to say it is somewhere in Europe), attractions and people. It is a city burgeoning with cafe’s, filled with thermal baths, striking and distinctive architecture and more importantly, the Danube, a river whose gentle waves embrace the past, the present and the future. It is also a metropolis filled with a variety of music from the classics to modern jazz to eclectic Gypsy sounds and where you can fill your stomachs with the best tasting strudels the world has ever seen. Here are some captivating sight and activities if you go backpacking or for a luxurious rendezvous in ths city. Continue reading

The Perks of Being an Ice Skater

If you have seen Disney’s Ice Princess or the movie The Cutting Edge or even just watched an ice skating competition on ESPN, I have no doubt in my mind that you thought of “what if” scenarios. What I mean is, you would then tend to daydream about becoming an ice skater yourself or what could have happened if you became an ice skater. Having an ice skating career is no easy feat, so that is why a lot of people can only dream about them. But what are the perks of being an ice skater? Read on and find out. Continue reading

Figure Skating Careers

Figure skating has been one of the most viewed and highly anticipated events in sports gatherings, especially during Winter Olympics. Whether solo or in pairs, if you make it as a figure skater and become a medalist, you automatically become part of the world of the rich and famous. Sports companies would pay you millions for advertising their brand and you get to be a household name because all TV shows will fight over you for some interview time. Continue reading


5 Must see Attractions of Budapest

A brief history of the budapest parliament building

The Parliament building is a little more than 100 years of age. A neo-Gothic plan by Imre Steindl, propelled by the Houses of Parliament in London, was picked as the champ in a rival held to discover an outline for the new Parliament House. Continue reading

How to Ice Skate

Tell me all about Ice Skating

The accurate time of earlier ice skating and process by which people initially figured out how to skate on ice is obscure actually. In the archeological record, the most established surviving indication of the action dates to around 3000 B.c.—primitive creature bone ice skates found on the banks of Lake Moss, Switzerland. A study by Federico Formenti recommends that the first and foremost ice skating happened more than 3,000 years ago in southern Finland. Continue reading

The Sochi Winter Olympics medal favorites for Budapest are made

Between 13 January 2014 and 19 Budapest has organized the seventh time . the figure skating-and skating European Championships (1895, 1909, 1955, 1963, 1984, 2004, 2014) three times celebrated could viewers Hungarian victory in 1895 Földváry Tibor, 1955 Big Brother, 2004, Julia Sebestyen even. Continue reading

Figure Skating

What is Figure Skating?

One of the coolest sports to enjoy during winter season is figure skating. Average onlookers will think figure skating is exclusive only to the elite and wealthy, but anyone can master figure skating if they have the passion and dedication to do so. There are many disciplines involved in figure skating, namely: Dance, Singles and Pairs Freestyle, Precision, Moves-in-the-Field, Figures and many more. Continue reading

Changes in Football

The History of Football

Changes in Football over years:

The world famous sport football doesn’t carry any reference or documentation denoting the exact location or time of origin of this game. Although according to many historians, similar to this type of ball game has been played over for at least 3000 years. The archetype of the football can be noticed in games played in China, Japan, Egypt and Greece until our modern football originated in England.

See www sportsandsafetysurfaces co uk for more information. Continue reading